Curricular Linked Day Programs

Kindergarten - Play Based Nature Program

Students discover the wonders of the outdoors.  Though a play based adventure, students explore the forest as Nature Detectives!

Grade 1 - Seasonal Changes, Senses and Animals (Science)

Discover how seasons affect animals in Jasper National Park. Learn how humans can safely live near these wild animals.

Grade 2 - Small Crawling and Flying Animals (Science)

Explore the forest with your senses and experience the signs of changing seasons. Explore the forest for evidence of small animals. Play games exploring predator/prey relationships. Develop an appreciation of the small animals in Jasper National Park.

Grade 3 - Bats!!! Life Cycles, Sound and Hearing (Science)

Focus on the life of a local but endangered bat. Discover how they live, feed and communicate. Learn the importance of bat habitat, threats they face and how to help.

Grade 4 - The Fur Trade and Jasper House
(Social Studies)

Learn about the cultural importance of Jasper National Park and other national parks and national historic sites in Canada. Discover the long indigenous history of the Athabasca Valley and the effect of the establishment of Jasper National Park.

Grade 5 – Wetlands
Explore the flora and fauna of a local wetland. Learn about their life cycles and aquatic adaptations. Explore how human actions can threaten wetland ecosystems and how individuals and groups can preserve and enhance wetland habitats.

Grade 6 – Trees and Forests
Explore the forests of Jasper National Park and focus on four specific species. Learn about forest health, mountain pine beetle, fire management and tree adaptations.

Grade 6 – Forensic Science
Build your communication and teamwork skills as you try to catch a poacher! Work with Parks Canada educators to learn about the investigation skills required for enforcement of the National Parks Act. Work in teams to collect and catalogue evidence to solve a crime.