The Centre


“Canadian youth will share a passion and appreciation for Canada’s National Parks and National Historic Sites; through personal connection they will develop a sense of place and belonging. Youth will move beyond participation towards active ambassadorship.”

The Palisades Stewardship Education Centre is surrounded by the awe-inspiring mountains of Jasper National Park.  The centre is 15 km east of the town site (near Snaring Campground). Our strength is experiential education, blending mountain recreation with environmental stewardship. Through multi-day, nature-immersion programs, students create memories that last a lifetime.  The centre has been offering a variety of programs for students since 2005. The centre is unique in Canada, due to the partnership between Parks Canada, Grande Yellowhead Regional School Division and Marmot Basin.

The programming at the Parks Canada Palisades Stewardship Education Centre makes direct, intimate and personal connections with youth from Alberta,  across the country and around the world.  Our core programs are in the form of high school accredited, weeklong, nature immersion learning experiences, available to every Canadian youth. We also provide day, multiday and video conferencing opportunities for students in grades k-12. See Programs for more information.

The centre is a full service facility set on historic grounds.

  • Accommodation for 60+ people
  • Meeting rooms and classrooms
  • Rustic log cabins with modern amenities
  • Healthy home cooked meals
  • Wi-Fi, Smartboards, and videoconferencing equipment
  • Outdoor learning stations
  • Mountain recreation equipment: canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, snowshoes and skis.

Experience Jasper National Park